HR-Tech: Growing Future Unicorns, Making People's Lives Better.

HR-Tech: Digital Farm

HR-Tech: Digital Farm


HR-Tech: Growing Future Unicorns, Making People's Lives Better.


Working for People

Digital Farm – is a place where anyone can try themselves as a startup founder. We re always in search of ideas,to cultivate new products and product teams.


Focused on the Hiring and Recruiting segment

We explore the problems of the future audience, form hypotheses, and test proposed solutions in the digital space. We use HADI cycles.









Goals and Objectives

Product Life Cycle and Stage Tasks

The goal of each solution is to create the best product for the customer in the shortest possible time without increasing complexity.

  • Stage 1: CANVAS

    Forming a preliminary business model. We help understand every aspect of your product idea and articulate it to others. Simply answer 11 questions in an online form.

    Task: Gathering information about the future product on a single page, where all existing hypotheses are at hand.

  • Stage 2: PRE-SEED

    Confirmation of the problem's existence and the alignment of the proposed solution with it.

    Task: Testing the value proposition and providing assistance in developing a minimum viable product (MVP).

  • Stage 3: SEED

    Product development with minimal functionality to solve the problem.

    Task: Assisting in testing to validate the business model.

  • Stage 4: STARTUP

    Confirmation of product market fit and value proposition. Optimization of user acquisition funnel. Confirmation of sales channel.

    Task: Assisting in launching the commercial version of the product and providing support for product growth.

  • Stage 5: GROWTH

    Product scaling. Sustaining exponential growth.

    Task: Assisting in entering new markets.

  • Stage 6: IPO

    Maturity stage: Transitioning from a startup to a business.

    Task: Expanding the business to the international market.


Principles and Values

We intentionally impose constraints to stimulate finding clever and non-obvious ways to achieve desired results with fewer people and less time.

We thoroughly study the needs of the audience, and every decision we make is based on whether we can bring value to the user and the client.

We constantly strive to simplify the solution and ideally make it so that the customer gets the desired result with minimal effort from us.

Tools and Approaches

Creating in-demand digital products

  • Agile methodologies

    We use approaches and practices based on the values of the Agile Software Development Manifesto.

  • Lean for Digital

    We achieve more with fewer resources.

  • Data-driven approach

    We have the ability to analyze data, taking into account the market context. We make decisions based on data.

  • User-centric

    We create products where the user and their unique characteristics, fears, tasks, goals, and product usage context are prioritized.


Our Future Unicorns

Currently startups, but in the future, companies with a market capitalization of over $1 billion

Future Hub

We explore trends that indicate how people's priorities will change in the future: what we will pay more attention to, what we will pay less attention to, what will completely disappear from our radars. We study what concerns modern people today: health priorities, the future of work, and how people interact and organize their activities, promising and much-needed ideas that will attract capital and markets.


Personal online consultant for employees facing job loss. The service helps individuals navigate the job market, determine their goals and expectations, learn how to write resumes and cover letters, and practice interview skills.


A digital platform for working with freelancers. A place where people find jobs and companies fill vacancies/projects/tasks.


We don't create things that nobody needs.

First, we identify the needs of the audience, and only then do we start creating a digital product. The main goal is to turn a raw idea into a profitable business.


What ideas are suitable?


What will I gain from my idea?

Value lies not in the idea itself, but in its successful implementation. We help attract funding, provide expertise, access to our clients, marketing, and resources for product development. After confirming the product's potential through test sales, you can become the leader/member of a new product team or a new legal entity created for your product..


We are looking for people

  • Product Analyst

    We are looking for a Middle-level Product Analyst who not only knows how to compile numbers into tables but also has practical experience in formulating hypotheses and drawing conclusions that directly impact business development. We expect you to have experience in building comprehensive analytics for products and businesses, and be familiar with calculating metrics such as CTR, CAC, MAU, and other key product metrics.

  • UX/UI Designer

    You will be responsible for creating prototypes, conducting usability testing, and developing interfaces within a design system. You will also need to prepare UI layouts, descriptions, and micro-animations for developers. We require at least three years of experience in designing web and mobile services, as well as proficiency in Figma.


Let's work together!

If you have any questions, write to Dmitry Vasin, the farm manager.